How do you use Magic Maps?
Updated over a week ago

One of the first questions asked in every live session is “Where are you joining us from?” StreamAlive has the perfect feature—the Marvelous Ms. Magic Maps—to populate your audience’s locations onto a real-time map.

All you need to do is click on the Magic Maps feature and fill it in with a location-related question.

Here are some great warm-up questions to ask your audience with this feature:

  1. Where are you joining us from?

  2. Where in the world have you visited before?

  3. What is your dream city to live in?

  4. Where are you traveling to next?

  5. What was the most interesting place you’ve visited?

When setting up your question, you can allow each attendee to type in only one location if your question requires it of you. Since the map creates clusters if there are many people from a certain city or country, you can also edit the colors of your clusters to highlight the ones that stand out. Note that you can always reset your Map when needed.

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