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Managing StreamAlive during a live event
Understanding the StreamAlive presentation screen
Understanding the StreamAlive presentation screen
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Moving through your slides

Simply use the forward and backward buttons located on the in-app panel to your left to move through your interactions. You can see the upcoming slides and interactions and skip ahead if needed.

Running and Resetting Interactions

The stop, start, reset and edit buttons are your key to running the interactions as you planned.

Stop: Use this to pause an interaction when you don’t want answers to be accepted from the chat.

Start: Use this to restart your interactions when you want answers to be accepted from the chat.

Reset: If you want to redo the interaction from the beginning and remove all accepted answers, simply hit the reset button.

Edit: If you are finding the occasional unrelated comment showing up during your interaction, simply click edit and remove the unwanted responses.

Going back to an interaction

If you revisit an interaction that you have already moved on from, StreamAlive will simply recreate the final interaction with all the answers that were left on screen before the interaction ended. For Transient Thoughts and Quick Questions, it will list the comments.

Adding new interactions on the fly

While running through your run of show during a live session, feel free to improvise with some new interactions on the fly. How do you access these? Simply select it from the in-app panel on the left of your screen. Choose whichever interaction you hope to run, and set it up the same way you would when planning out your RoS.

Remember to share your screen with your audience so they can see how their comments are being picked up.

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