Q2, 2022
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Quick Questions

That was fast. See the difference between the main screen this month and last?

We just launched Quick Questions. This is a game-changer; StreamAlive can now automatically identify and list anything that smells like a question.

Folks who have seen it have called it MAGIC.

In effect, the app intelligently sniffs out questions that participants put in the chat. The questions would typically be sprinkled and sporadic in the chat. There could be a genuine question hidden between random comments or amidst the responses to a “where are you joining us from?” question. It doesn’t matter - StreamAlive will ferret it out. All you need to do is simply click the “Quick Questions” icon to see something like this. Oh, and you can also delete questions or check them off as you answer them.

Home screen, settings, advanced analytics

Here’s what the main screen (soon to be called “Increase Engagement”) looks like now.

This cues that there is a lot more coming - to increase engagement.

The maps, polls, and word clouds were just starters.

The next big feature is “Quick Questions” - if you encourage your audience/participants to ask questions, you’ll love this and wonder how you managed without it so far.

We’re also working on a full-fledged “Run of Show” module that will help presenters fire up visual engagements with a simple click.

It’s been a super busy month. For starters, we’ve been tightening up performance on Zoom and Zoom Webinar. These are the things you don’t see when they work fine but will notice if they’re awry.

Heads up on Zoom Webinar - once you admit the StreamAlive bot, please upgrade her to a panelist. That way, she can read any chat messages that are sent to “host and panelists” only.

Here’s some of the major stuff we released this month - starting with a bunch of settings to accommodate typos, disallow profanity, restrict responses, split phrases, etc

Analytics (we’ll be renaming it soon to “Track & Convert Engagement”)

Go through your meeting / event / livestream history...

Analyze it to see a cornucopia (been itching to use that word) of information - starting with an overview and links/tabs to the details:

This list will soon be downloadable too:

Engagement spikes up each time you use StreamAlive. It’s simple; people love to be involved, not ignored:

Click on a band (visual interaction)to see the underlying comments - these can (soon) be downloaded as they could be great signals of intent:

Want to revisit the summary of your interactions? The Engagement results (need a better name) tab is exactly that:

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