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StreamAlive allows you to invite a co-pilot to collaborate on running your live session, enhancing your presentation and audience engagement. This functionality is available for in-person and other online platforms.

Adding a Co-Pilot:

  1. Navigate to the Sessions page: Locate your upcoming or ongoing session on the StreamAlive platform.

  2. Access the Share button: Look for the Share button associated with your chosen session.

  3. Select "Add Co-Pilot": From the Share menu, view the "Add Co-Pilot" tab.

  4. Choose your invitation method: StreamAlive offers two ways to invite co-pilots:

    • Email invitation: Enter your co-pilot's email address and click "Send Invitation". They will receive an email with instructions to join the session as a co-pilot.

    • Shareable link: Click "Copy Link" to generate a unique link. Share this link with your co-pilot, and they can access the session directly through the link.

Co-Pilot Capabilities:

  • Join without logging in: Co-pilots can participate in the session without creating a StreamAlive account. This eliminates the need for them to sign up beforehand.

  • Two co-pilots per session: You can invite up to two co-pilots to collaborate on your session, providing additional support and expertise.

Benefits of Using a Co-Pilot:

  • Shared workload: Distribute responsibilities during your live session, allowing you to focus on specific aspects while your co-pilot handles others.

  • Enhanced audience engagement: Co-pilots can assist with responding to chat messages, managing polls and quizzes, and keeping the audience engaged throughout the session.

  • Improved presentation flow: With two individuals managing the session, you can ensure a smoother and more efficient presentation flow.


  • Co-pilots cannot access your StreamAlive account details or make changes to your account settings.

  • Ensure your co-pilot has a stable internet connection for a seamless collaboration experience.

By leveraging StreamAlive's co-pilot feature, you can empower your presentations, collaborate effectively, and deliver a more engaging and impactful experience for your audience.

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