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StreamAlive allows you to seamlessly integrate presentations and audience engagement features into your live sessions. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Prepare your slides:

  • You can use any presentation creation tool you prefer, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote.

  • Ensure your slides are visually appealing and concise, containing key information and engaging visuals.

  • Export your file as a .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, or .key.

2. Upload your presentation to StreamAlive:

  • Log in to your StreamAlive account and navigate to the desired session.

  • Click the "Add Presentation" button or find the option to upload content.

  • Select your presentation file from your computer and upload it to StreamAlive.

3. Integrate interactive features:

  • StreamAlive offers a variety of interactive features to boost audience engagement. These include:

    • Polls: Create polls to gather audience insights and test their knowledge.

    • Q&A: Facilitate a Q&A session where viewers can submit questions and receive live answers.

    • Word clouds: Generate real-time word clouds based on audience input, visualizing trending topics and keywords.

    • Magic Maps: Showcase the geographical distribution of your audience on a map, fostering a sense of global connection.

  • Explore the available features and strategically incorporate them into your presentation to enhance audience participation.

4. Rehearse and practice:

  • Before going live, practice your presentation and familiarize yourself with StreamAlive's interface and controls. Do so by using our Preview Presentation tool.

  • This will help you ensure a smooth and confident presentation flow and allow you to test your chosen interactive features.

  • Schedule your session ahead of time so you can connect once the session is about to begin! If you need to, make sure to share the joining instructions prior to the session or at the start of it.

5. Go live and present:

Once you're ready, launch your StreamAlive session and start presenting. Engage with your audience by verbally responding to chat messages, addressing questions, and acknowledging their participation.


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