Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do we use an OTP instead of a password?
  2. This has actually been shown to be a more secure login method than a password. You should stay logged into your account once you have logged in.

  3. What is a Run of Show?
  4. It’s the rundown for your show! It essentially acts as a “cue sheet” so that you can plan out your audience interactions ahead of time.

  5. How do I add last-minute interactions?
  6. If you revisit an interaction that you have already moved on from, StreamAlive will simply recreate the final interaction with all the answers that were left on screen before the interaction ended. For Transient Thoughts and Quick Questions, it will list the comments out. Reset the interaction if you wish to run it again.

  7. What happens when I go back to an interaction?
  8. While running through your run of show during a live session, feel free to improv it up with some new interactions on the fly. How do you access these? Simply select it from the in-app panel on the left of your screen. Choose whichever interaction you hope to run, and set it up the same way you would when planning out your RoS.

  9. How many slides is 10MB worth?
  10. That will depend on your slides! We recommend uploading slides in shorter chunks if it doesn’t upload after the first time. If you have high-resolution images, your file size will likely be larger.

  11. What does the branded UI look like with the powered-by-StreamAlive?
  12. Examples of Branded UI.
  13. What does your Roadmap look like?
  14. Glad you asked. Check it out here.

    StreamAlive Roadmap & Release Summaries
    StreamAlive Roadmap & Release Summaries
  15. Can we embed StreamAlive?
  16. Yes, this is possible! We use the In-person Event functionality where we provide the chat app that can be embedded into a website using an IFRAME approach. The underlying technology has been used on YouTube Livestreams with thousands of concurrent users.

  17. Do you have new feature requests?
  18. At this time, it's by email to - we plan to have a voting/suggestion module in the app by next month; we've been cycling through various helpdesk options and will have this finalized soon.

  19. Do we have a two-screen polls experience where the answer is hidden?
  20. There is only one screen for the poll, the presenter's screen which is shared with the audience over the live session and shows real-time results. The big difference that StreamAlive is pioneering is that the audience only uses the native chat functionality (of Zoom, YouTube Live, or MS Teams) to interact with the presenter.

  21. Are we compatible with OBS and streaming options?
  22. Yes. We have users on Melon, Streamyard, Restream, and more using us on YouTube (for example). All that is needed is to share the StreamAlive screen off your browser tab as you would with any other browser tab. Of course, StreamAlive also needs to be connected to your YouTube channel to read and visualize the chat from there.

  23. Can we use StreamAlive for hybrid events?
  24. We support a QR code option. If you wish to include the students in person, the best option as of today is to schedule an "in-person" session and give those instructions to your students on Zoom/Teams. Down the line, we plan to integrate this temporal chat with Zoom/Teams/YouTube to intersperse responses in-person and online by timestamp to be part of one seamless hybrid room. This will enable all participants to be treated as one.

  25. Does StreamAlive work with other languages?
  26. The short answer is "absolutely, yes." However, the presenter's user interface is only in English at this time, but most of the screen is powered by the chat. You can run pretty much any of the interactions in any language. For example, if people answer a question in another language, the answers will populate a word cloud in the same language on StreamAlive. The only minor difference is for the quick questions—it can automatically detect questions in English. For other languages, it should pick questions with a ‘?’ at the end.

  27. Can I use StreamAlive when I'm NOT the host of the meeting on Zoom?
  28. Yes. All you need is (1) the meeting URL and (2) the right to share screen. And if your host has enabled a waiting room, all they have to do is 'admit' the StreamAlive bot into the meeting.

  29. Can I change the name of the StreamAlive bot on Zoom?
  30. You absolutely can, but you'll need to do it each time the bot joins the meeting.

  31. Can you turn off all StreamAlive branding?
  32. Customers can use their own branding on the pages that are shared with the audience. This includes all screens after connecting to a meeting/livestream where the slides and interactions are presented to the audience. On the Home screen, "pre-meeting setup", Run of Show, or "post-meeting" analytics, the branding is not changeable.

  33. What happens if I happen to have more participants than my plan limit allows?
  34. On limit enforcement, we're still figuring out the best ways. At this time, it is a monitoring of overage and a manual ping to request considering the next tier. We are trying to go with a kinder model that allows for some buffer or usage occasions for that occasional spike.

  35. Can StreamAlive be embedded in a learning management system (LMS)?
  36. Absolutely can. This is already supported, but we haven't formally put it in production. It will be going out later this month, along with the requisite documentation on how-to embed.

More FAQs are coming. Please reach out to with any questions.

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