Plan Engagement

Plan Engagement

Run of Show

Creating a Run of Show

Under “My Account”, you’ll find the option “Run of Show Template”.

To create your own, click on “Create Template”. You can select as many interactions as needed, and populate them in the order you’d like them to be run with the options and colors preferred. You can also add your presentation slides (in .pdf form) to your RoS.

To create a Magic Map, Wonder Word Cloud, or Power Poll, choose the preferred option and fill in the question. Make sure to select the filters and colors you’d like. If you decide that you need to rearrange your questions, drag and drop them as needed.

Remember to save your Run of Show template once it is complete.

Connecting the Run of Show

The Run of Show feature allows us to prepare our interactions in advance. If you know what questions you want to ask your audience, make sure to set this up.

For Zoom: Click on “Add or Join a Zoom meeting (or webinar)”, and then “Add Meeting”.

For YouTube Live / Microsoft Teams: View your upcoming streams or meetings.

Once you have an upcoming meeting, you may add a Run of Show Template.

Do this by clicking on the “+ Run of Show” button, and selecting the corresponding Run of Show template. Finalize this decision by pressing Save.

If you’ve found that you’ve accidentally added the wrong option, under the options bar, select “Delink Run of Show” Template.

If you want to add in other interactions that aren’t part of your Run of Show during the meeting, all you’ll need to do is select the chosen feature from the left of the screen.

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