StreamAlive Roadmap & Release Summaries

StreamAlive Roadmap & Release Summaries

🗾 Road Map

  • Integration with Twitch, Google Meet, Facebook Live & Workspace by Meta, LinkedIn Live
  • App store availability: Zoom
  • Platform Integration: Webex, Amazon Live, Live Webinar
  • Multiple Platforms: Hybrid, Multi-Stream
  • App store availability: Teams
  • Multiple Accounts per streaming platform
  • Browser Extension to support less popular livestream applications
  • API integrations with broadcast applications like Hopin, Hubilo, Circle, Restream, StreamYard, Melon, eCamm, Airmeet
  • Creating a virtual camera that combines video + StreamAlive screen
Plan Engagement
  • Redesign UI of “Plan module” to echo look & feel of presentation screens
  • Make interactions and slides similar
  • More customizations for each interaction
  • UI Themes/ Color Palettes
  • In Person App (IPA) - Embedding chats in external websites, Single Sign-on with enterprise apps
  • Content - Support PowerPoint slides and Integration with Google Slides
  • Content - Develop Plug-in for PowerPoint & Google Slides to add StreamAlive Interactions
  • Content - Ability to Create/Edit Slides
Track Engagement
  • Winning Wheel - Put all commenters into a spinning wheel and pick out a winner. Filter commenters by hashtag, interaction, superchat etc
  • Text Track - Running wordcloud of chat content
  • Link Library - Collate special urls from the chat like music links (spotify, soundcloud), book urls (Amazon), movies, products, websites etc
  • Quick Questions
    • Identify and group similar Questions, and sort by popularity
    • Clustering Questions by topic/keyword
    • Moderation features including Approval based question list
  • Jumping Jackpot - a Vegas one-arm-bandit visualization of “Winning Wheel”
  • Identify SuperChat messages/subscribers in Youtube Live (including paid comments)
  • Sentiment Analysis - Continuous analysis of chat sentiment

The following Visual Audience Interactions are available or coming soon:

Quick Questions
Ask participants to type questions anytime in the chat and StreamAlive will magically curate it
Winning Wheel
Add a bit of Vegas to your live event. Spin participant names to arrive at a winner
Link Library
Participants share links to songs, books, etc in the chat. StreamAlive creates digital assets from it.
Increase Engagement
  • Quick Quiz - set up a quiz with a reveal of the answer at the end
  • Emojis Everyone - similar to wordcloud but only shows emojis
  • Pulsing Points - the audience can rate topics on a cardinal scale, displayed like a pulsing graphic equalizer, with the average rating shown prominently
  • Group Games - games that large audiences can play together or as competing groups - games like anagram, trivia, hangman, crossword
  • Improved Maps (more locations, geographical restrictions)

The following Visual Audience Interactions are available or coming soon:

Magic Maps
Bring your audience’s locations to life on a real-time map — as they put it in the chat
Wonder Words
Reflect your audience’s thoughts with real-time word clouds— as they put it in the chat
Power Polls (with options)
Show dynamic polls with pre-specified options that capture your audience’s choices—as they put it in the chat
Power Polls (without options)
Show dynamic polls without any preset options. Capture your audience’s choices—as they put it in the chat
Transient Thoughts
Allow your audience to express their thoughts in the chat, and show them in an ethereal way
Choice Circle
Spin a wheel to decide which one of many pre-specified options will be next
Quick Questions (part of Track)
Ask participants to type questions anytime in the chat and StreamAlive will magically curate it
Link Library (part of Track)
Participants share links to songs, books, etc in the chat. StreamAlive creates digital assets from it.
Winning Wheel (part of Track)
Add a bit of Vegas to your live event. Spin participant names to arrive at a winner

Have an idea for an interaction? Simply email us at to let us know.

Analyze Engagement
  • Detailed pdf report export
  • Analyze multiple livestreams together
  • Deduplicated user names over multiple livestreams
  • Identify interest/intent in user chats
Other features
  • Usage reports (hours / number of sessions / etc)
  • Additional Team Roles - Moderator, Co-Pilot
  • Stronger moderation features - remove specific users, words etc
  • Sandbox for users to quickly try out Interactions
  • Chatbot that can answer user queries
  • Internationalization of UI

🗒️ Release Summaries

Q4, 2022

launch of In-person app (participation with a QR code)

Team management and multi-user accounts

Branding by addition of logo

Dark Mode UI and other improvements on connected page

Redesign of Run of Show to allow easy reorganization

Run of Show sample templates

Q3, 2022

Run of Show

If you’d joined our improv comedy showcase on June 25, you would have seen that we effortlessly navigated fourteen (yes, 14) audience interactions where the audience was included, acknowledged, and engaged. Juggling was never a strong suit and so we were glad for having launched our Run of Show feature a week ago. It is now available for everyone.

This. Changes. Everything.

Much like preparing slides in advance, you can now sequence your audience interactions in the order you plan to ask them of your audience. Start with a map, then a poll, then a word-cloud,and again a poll, and finally see all the questions people asked - thanks to the magical Quick Questions module (see June’s updates below for more on this).

Run of Show

Here are the actual screenshots from our last showcase event… First, we created a run of show from the main menu…


Then, we added interactions one after the other - with settings for each. Here are 4 of our 14:


Then, we created a meeting since this was on Zoom. Works similarly with YouTube or Teams…


Next, we connected a “Run of Show Template” (you can have as many as you want) to the upcoming event.


That’s it. Once the event was on, we simply clicked connect and went through the run of show. Here are the first four…


…and the last 4 (of 14)…


After the event, here’s what our Analytics looked like…


Love those engagement spikes - the secret: simply include your audience. That’s our raison d’etre.


New Interactions

Transient thoughts

Choice circle

Development of new UX, slides, In-person events

Lots of behind the scenes work that will go into production in Q4

Q2, 2022

Quick Questions

That was fast. See the difference between the main screen this month and last?


We just launched Quick Questions. This is a game-changer; StreamAlive can now automatically identify and list anything that smells like a question.

Folks who have seen it have called it MAGIC.

In effect, the app intelligently sniffs out questions that participants put in the chat. The questions would typically be sprinkled and sporadic in the chat. There could be a genuine question hidden between random comments or amidst the responses to a “where are you joining us from?” question. It doesn’t matter - StreamAlive will ferret it out. All you need to do is simply click the “Quick Questions” icon to see something like this. Oh, and you can also delete questions or check them off as you answer them.


Home screen, settings, advanced analytics

Here’s what the main screen (soon to be called “Increase Engagement”) looks like now.


This cues that there is a lot more coming - to increase engagement.

The maps, polls, and word clouds were just starters.

The next big feature is “Quick Questions” - if you encourage your audience/participants to ask questions, you’ll love this and wonder how you managed without it so far.

We’re also working on a full-fledged “Run of Show” module that will help presenters fire up visual engagements with a simple click.

It’s been a super busy month. For starters, we’ve been tightening up performance on Zoom and Zoom Webinar. These are the things you don’t see when they work fine but will notice if they’re awry.

Heads up on Zoom Webinar - once you admit the StreamAlive bot, please upgrade her to a panelist. That way, she can read any chat messages that are sent to “host and panelists” only.

Here’s some of the major stuff we released this month - starting with a bunch of settings to accommodate typos, disallow profanity, restrict responses, split phrases, etc


Analytics (we’ll be renaming it soon to “Track & Convert Engagement”)


Go through your meeting / event / livestream history...


Analyze it to see a cornucopia (been itching to use that word) of information - starting with an overview and links/tabs to the details:


This list will soon be downloadable too:


Engagement spikes up each time you use StreamAlive. It’s simple; people love to be involved, not ignored:


Click on a band (visual interaction)to see the underlying comments - these can (soon) be downloaded as they could be great signals of intent:


Want to revisit the summary of your interactions? The Engagement results (need a better name) tab is exactly that:


April, 2022

Q1, 2022

Hello, Zoomers

Our Zoom Beta product is publicly showcased. In case you missed it, check this out:

First cut of Analytics

We quietly pushed a whole new module - it’s simply called “Analytics” for now - but that will change soon into “Track Engagement” and “Convert Engagement”. It’s just another big reason to connect StreamAlive to your livestreams and live events. You’ll get nifty intel like this - and down the line, we’ll even tell you who regularly attends your streams, events, and webinars.

For example, this is a performance snapshot of one of our Zoom events...


...and this one tells us who was most involved...


Options, settings, edits & controls

  1. Word Proximity detection. If someone types proxmity instead of proximity that is, say, a poll option or a word already in the word-cloud, our algorithms will now infer that proxmity is pretty close to proximity, and...voila, we close it out as proximity. Sorry for all the proximity puns there. Too close for comfort?
  2. The numbers adjacent to the poll options are now bigger. Your audience can see them better, especially if their eyes are as bad as Lux’s (myopic, minus 5.5).

  1. The ability to pause a word cloud, and upon doing so, the option to remove words you prefer not to be there. Think of it as a word-trimmer of sorts. For example, let’s say we asked people what's on their table...

Saw that pause button in the bottom-right? Let’s press it...


Flamethrowers are not allowed on tables. Boom...


Now, we can play again (see button above)...


Note to self: use Loom/video next time. Note to reader: we probably need a better word than pause? “Pause” does not cue the ability to remove an errant word afterward. “Remove a word” perhaps? Followed by “I’m done” instead of play?

  1. As you may have noticed above, we now have the option to have word clouds in multi-color. Click on “colors” in the settings (top-right) and decide between colorful and monochrome:

V1 of Track & Increase engagement

Track engagement: wavy engagement meter (changed to LED meter later)

Increase engagement:

  • Magic Maps (with clustering, pan and zoom)
  • Power Polls (with and without pre-defined options)
  • Wonder Words (with split / combine words options)

🗳️Want more?

Email us at to let us know what else you’d like us to build. Interactions / Platforms / Features - all suggestions welcome