Replay Results
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If you want to see the results of each interaction, simply click on “Replay Results” relive features as they were seen during the live session.

  • Relive interactions: Go beyond basic data and re-experience how specific interactive features played out during your stream. This allows you to see how the audience participated, what questions they asked, and how the feature contributed to the overall engagement.

  • Analyze performance: Gain insights into the effectiveness of different interactive elements you used. See which polls generated the most responses, which quizzes had the highest participation, or how Q&A sessions facilitated discussion.

  • Refine your approach: Use the insights from Replay Results to improve your use of interactive features in future streams. By understanding what resonated with your audience, you can tailor your approach to maximize engagement and achieve your streaming goals.

You can also email these reports to your registered email address if you want to share these results after your session has concluded.

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