Chat Charts
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As soon as the StreamAlive app joins your stream, you’ll have a clear rundown of exactly how engaging each minute of your session was. With our chat re-creations and stream breakdown, found under “Chat Chart”, you can refine your questions after understanding what worked and what didn’t.

  • Understand engagement over time: Visualize how audience engagement fluctuated throughout your stream using minute-by-minute breakdowns. Identify peaks and dips in activity to understand which content resonated most and where potential improvements lie.

  • Get an interactive chat replay: Relive key moments in your chat alongside engagement data. See how chat activity correlated with specific events in your stream, such as introducing a new topic, using a call to action, or interacting with viewers directly.

  • Create a targeted analysis: Leverage this information to refine your questioning strategies and tailor your content to keep your audience engaged throughout future streams.

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