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How to use StreamAlive's Zoom App
How to use StreamAlive's Zoom App
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Please use the following steps to get started using StreamAlive's Zoom application.

You can access the Zoom App from your Zoom Client, under the "Apps" tab. If you access this page while you are not in a meeting or logged into StreamAlive, you will see a screen like this:

To use StreamAlive, choose "Start Meeting" from the above menu in the Zoom Client, and allow the StreamAlive bot to join. If you have an active meeting session, StreamAlive will ask to join your existing session.

You can also access StreamAlive during an active meeting session from your Apps. If you're already in a meeting, simply click on Apps in your bottom menu and select StreamAlive*.

*If you have not added StreamAlive to your apps yet, please search for it in the Zoom App Marketplace and add it to your apps.

How do you use StreamAlive without an account?

In you haven't logged into the app or don't have a StreamAlive account, you can still use the app as a guest. However, you can only create impromptu interactions and try our sample Run of Show templates.

Select whichever best fits your session from the above and continue. Remember to share your app screen with your audience. You can find this "Share App Screen" button at the top of the app pop-up.

How do you use StreamAlive when you are logged in?

When you've logged into StreamAlive, you can access your Run of Show templates that were previously created, or run impromptu interactions similar to the above.

If you wish to track and access Analytics, please log into your account from the Zoom App before running any interactions. You can later access StreamAlive from the browser or the Zoom Client to see analytics from completed sessions. If you are in Guest Mode, you will not be able to access the Analytics for that session.

Please contact [email protected] if needed.

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