Q3, 2022
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Run of Show

If you’d joined our improv comedy showcase on June 25, you would have seen that we effortlessly navigated fourteen (yes, 14) audience interactions where the audience was included, acknowledged, and engaged. Juggling was never a strong suit and so we were glad for having launched our Run of Show feature a week ago. It is now available for everyone.

This. Changes. Everything.

Much like preparing slides in advance, you can now sequence your audience interactions in the order you plan to ask them of your audience. Start with a map, then a poll, then a word-cloud,and again a poll, and finally see all the questions people asked - thanks to the magical Quick Questions module (see June’s updates below for more on this).

Run of Show

Here are the actual screenshots from our last showcase event… First, we created a run of show from the main menu…

Then, we added interactions one after the other - with settings for each. Here are 4 of our 14:

Then, we created a meeting since this was on Zoom. Works similarly with YouTube or Teams…

Next, we connected a “Run of Show Template” (you can have as many as you want) to the upcoming event.

That’s it. Once the event was on, we simply clicked connect and went through the run of show. Here are the first four…

…and the last 4 (of 14)…

After the event, here’s what our Analytics looked like…

Love those engagement spikes - the secret: simply include your audience. That’s our raison d’etre.

New Interactions

Transient thoughts

Choice circle

...and a lot more is coming...

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