Q1, 2022
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Hello, Zoomers

Our Zoom Beta product is publicly showcased. In case you missed it, check this out:

First cut of Analytics

We quietly pushed a whole new module - it’s simply called “Analytics” for now - but that will change soon into “Track Engagement” and “Convert Engagement”. It’s just another big reason to connect StreamAlive to your livestreams and live events. You’ll get nifty intel like this - and down the line, we’ll even tell you who regularly attends your streams, events, and webinars.

For example, this is a performance snapshot of one of our Zoom events...

...and this one tells us who was most involved...

Options, settings, edits & controls

  1. Word Proximity detection. If someone types proxmity instead of proximity that is, say, a poll option or a word already in the word-cloud, our algorithms will now infer that proxmity is pretty close to proximity, and...voila, we close it out as proximity. Sorry for all the proximity puns there. Too close for comfort?

  2. The numbers adjacent to the poll options are now bigger. Your audience can see them better, especially if their eyes are as bad as Lux’s (myopic, minus 5.5).

  3. The ability to pause a word cloud, and upon doing so, the option to remove words you prefer not to be there. Think of it as a word-trimmer of sorts. For example, let’s say we asked people what's on their table...

    Saw that pause button in the bottom-right? Let’s press it...

    Flamethrowers are not allowed on tables. Boom...

    Now, we can play again (see button above)...

    *Note to self: use Loom/video next time

    Note to reader: we probably need a better word than pause? “Pause” does not cue the ability to remove an errant word afterward. “Remove a word” perhaps? Followed by “I’m done” instead of play?*

  4. As you may have noticed above, we now have the option to have word clouds in multi-color. Click on “colors” in the settings (top-right) and decide between colorful and monochrome:

V1 of Track & Increase engagement

Track engagement: wavy engagement meter (changed to LED meter later)

Increase engagement:

  • Magic Maps (with clustering, pan and zoom)

  • Power Polls (with and without pre-defined options)

  • Wonder Words (with split / combine words options)

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