Q1 and Q2, 2023
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A quick recap of the last six months at StreamAlive

Over the last two quarters, StreamAlive has been extremely busy coming up with a variety of new interactions, platforms, and more for our favorite StreamAlivians! For a quick recap on all of our new features from the first half of the year, read on.

New Platforms

Google Meet: After asking our StreamAlivians to vote on which livestreaming platform they’d like us to integrate with next, we decided upon Google Meet. Connect to the platform now!

Twitch: Currently in beta mode. Never streamed on Twitch before? It’s not just for gamers, there’s a buzzing community of livestreamers on the platform.

Hybrid: Currently in beta mode. Connect to the live session on one of our supported platforms as well as provide an option for others attending in person to join the live chat from their personal devices.

New Interactions

Winning Wheel: This feature allows hosts to enter users actively engaged in the live chat into a contest, with the winner chosen from a roulette-type wheel.

Link Library: Neatly curate all links from your live session here. Any links shared in the chat by the host or by the audience will automatically be saved and become a shareable page that you can send out after the event.

Text Track: Get an idea of the most discussed words and phrases during your live session with our newest feature! Watch this real-time word cloud evolve over the course of your livestream.

Emojis Everywhere: With Emojis Everywhere your audience will be able to react with emojis to your questions. Only emojis will be picked up from the chat while this interaction is running.

Other new features

Teams and Collaboration: StreamAlive’s teams have now launched. Share your run of show templates with others in advance, and let them help you moderate features like Quick Questions and Wonder Words so you can focus on your audience.

GPT-3 Integration: Make use of the StreamAlive Open AI GPT-3 integration if you’re struggling to come up with questions for your polls, word clouds, and interactions during your next live session.

These just scratch the surface of everything else we are currently working on—from bug fixes to UI upgrades to some big surprises coming your way over the next quarter or two. Make your voice heard and give us your input and thoughts—we love hearing from our StreamAlivians.

Signing off,

Joe (CTO) and the StreamAlive Team

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