Open-Ended Polls
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From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, most streaming platforms include a built-in polling service. However, these polls often can’t be accessed after the stream is over and don’t allow participants to view the results in real-time. Enter StreamAlive’s Open-Ended Polls.

With dynamic polls that capture your audience’s choices, you can show the audience which option was the real winner.

To run this interaction during a live event or add it to your Run of Show, you simply need to click on the Open-Ended Polls feature and fill it in with a question. You can choose to add options or leave it to pick up answers from the chat.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of question works best. It’s simple: one that has many well-known options:

  1. How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

  2. What’s your favorite movie currently running in theatres?

  3. Portrait or landscape?

  4. What is your age group?

  5. What time zone are you currently in?

When running an open-ended poll, simply type in the question you wish to ask your audience. StreamAlive will magically pick up the answers from the chat and populate them into the poll as needed. You may also use the Edit options to delete options that don’t match the question.

You can change your Open-Ended Polls settings: If needed, set up a profanity filter, accept only one option per attendee, or even play with the poll colors.

Once you have your Open-Ended Poll running, note that you can reset your poll at any time.

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