Link Library
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When your audience shares a link, Link Library curates them all onto a single page—which the host can then share with everyone after the event. The links are archived and accessible to anyone with that link forever.

You could use Link Library in your next livestream or webinar in a number of ways:

  • Ask people to share a funny YouTube video

  • Ask people what their favorite song is

  • Ask people to share a link to their social media profile

  • Ask people to share a book they’ve been reading

To run this interaction during a live session or add it to your Run of Show, you simply need to click on the Link Library feature. Once you have Link Library running, there is also an Edit button to remove links that aren't relevant or that you don't want to be shared with your attendees.

If you forget to add this feature to your Run of Show, you can find it on the presentation dashboard with the buttons on the left.

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