Emojis Everywhere
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One of the best ways to reflect your audience’s thoughts is to create real-time word clouds as they populate the chat. But, have you considered a cloud made entirely of emojis? As people type emojis into the chat, Emojis Everywhere creates a cloud of the most popular emojis.

To run this interaction during a live session or add it to your Run of Show, you simply need to click on the Emojis Everywhere feature and fill it in with a question.

Wondering what kind of questions work best? It’s simple: the ones that can be answered with an emoji.

Here are some great warm-up questions to ask your audience using Wonder Words:

  1. What is your favorite fruit?

  2. What country are you from?

  3. How are you feeling today?

  4. What is your favorite emoji?

  5. Describe your favorite movie with three emojis.

Once you have Emojis Everywhere running, you can reset or edit your word cloud. Resetting Emojis Everywhere lets you start with a blank slate. There is also an Edit button to remove answers you aren’t thrilled with.

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