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Installing the StreamAlive Extension
Installing the StreamAlive Extension
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Step 1: Open the Chrome Web Store

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser window and select "Settings." Scroll down and click on "Extensions." In the extensions window, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and select "Open Chrome Web Store."

Step 2: Find the StreamAlive extension

You can browse the curated categories or search for a specific extension using the search bar.

Step 3: Add the extension to Chrome

When you find the StreamAlive extension, click on its icon or name. This will open the extension's detail page. On the detail page, click the blue "Add to Chrome" button. A confirmation window will pop up. Click on "Add extension" again.

Step 4: Log into your StreamAlive account

You'll see a prompt outlining the steps you need to take to connect your StreamAlive account to your extension. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the extension. If necessary, reach out to us at StreamAlive for support.

โ€‹Step 5: Enjoy your new extension!

The extension will be installed and ready to use. You'll usually see its icon added to the right of your address bar. Click on the icon to access the extension's features.

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