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Chrome Extension FAQs
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  1. What sites does the StreamAlive Chrome Extension work on?

    1. The Chrome extension currently works for Vimeo, Webex, YouTube Live, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

  2. How do I create a live event with the extension?

    1. Click the "Create Event" button within the extension. Provide event details like title, date, time, and audience targeting. You can also schedule interactive features like polls and questions for specific points during the event.

  3. How do I see and respond to live chat messages?

    1. The extension displays live chat messages from your audience in a dedicated panel. You can filter messages, highlight questions, and reply directly to participants.

  4. What interactive features does the extension offer?

    1. StreamAlive lets you create polls, spin the wheel for giveaways, display maps for location-based discussions, and automatically highlight audience questions in the chat.

  5. Can I analyze audience engagement after the event?

    1. Yes, the extension provides access to detailed engagement metrics like chat volume, sentiment analysis, poll results, and feature usage. You can generate reports and export data for further analysis.

  6. I'm having trouble installing the extension. What should I do?

    1. Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date and try restarting your computer. Check the Chrome Web Store for any error messages or compatibility issues. You can also contact StreamAlive support for help.

  7. I'm not seeing audience chat messages in the extension.

    1. Ensure your live stream is properly connected to the extension and that chat is enabled in your event settings. Click on the extension again to make sure that the extension is active. If it's still not working, please check for any permission issues within the extension or any platform integrations.

If you run into any issues, reach out to us at our Help Center, or contact our support team through the live chat or support page on our website.



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